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YORKSHIRE 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE - Successful Last Practice

The last practice walk was completed on the 15th April. What fantastic weather we had for this 15 mile walk.

The first half taking in what is known as the weighing stones just beyond Clay Bank. They are 3 small peaks that helped everyone get the feel of the ascents we are likely to encounter on the 6th May.

The second half of this 15 miler had previously been walked by some of the Festival 3 Peaks Challengers in February, when the weather was a little colder. Again this was in the Clay Bank area, starting at Clay Bank car park. The second half had a lung busting 20 minute ascent, which again tested everyone's fitness.

I am pleased to say that everyone passed with flying colours. I am absolutely positive that some, if not all will have some aching muscles 2 days later. I certainly did.

Thank you to everyone who turned up for any of the training walks. We are just over 2 walks to the day itself when we take on the 3 Peaks Challenge. See you all on the 6th May. You will all receive a few emails from me this weekend with loads of information.

Good luck to everyone.

John Murphy Organiser and member of Festival 2018 Committee

YORKSHIRE 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE - Sponsord Walk 6th May 2018 - JOIN NOW

Following on from the hugely successful Coast to Coast Challenge many expressed a wish for further adventures. We therefore lay down the gauntlet and invite our brethren and families to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. The 3 Peaks comprise a 25 mile, 10 hour circular walk round Yorkshires finest countryside. One for the bucket list. We invite up to 50 walkers to take part. Come and join us.

CLICK the images for all you need to know about the walk.
- A full briefing - including contact details with the all important Facebook group which will give you details of training walks.
- An OS Map that you can save to your mobile phone. This of course no substitute for a good old fashioned map.
- Your Sponsorship form with the all important Gift Aid columns to get a free 20% extra.
Download and print a copy. Don't forget, you can Register today after read our briefing notes by Emailing John Murphy.
Do also join our YNER 3 Peaks Facebook Group where you will find the latest updates, news and training photos.

3PeaksMap 3PeaksSponsorForm

December 2017 Draw


Fundraising made Easy for Festival 2018

It's as Easy as 1-2-3. Click here to Join and Shop and the MSF receives donations from any of 3000+ retailers.


ReCycling For Festival

Dear Brother,

Please be kind enough, including asking your Brethren, to search your bottom drawer for those redundant items of regalia (aprons, collars, sashes, jewels, ties, hankies, etc.) that now, as a result of changes in circumstances lay discarded, unloved and abandoned.

W Bro Nigel Wales will be pleased to find a new home for your old regalia - associated with all orders. Recycling is now the vogue, so please do your bit to prevent waste, whilst at the same time affording someone the opportunity to get a bargain and raise money for Festival 2018.

Please contact Nigel ( who will then arrange to pick up anything you may have – single or multiple items - or just hand in any unwanted regalia to a member of PGSL who will then see to it that he receives it.

By the way Nigel will have a stall at York University on Saturday 30th April 2016. The stall in the preceding year proved very successful, raising a considerable sum for The Festival; please do your best to ensure that he has plenty of stock this year.

Many Thanks & Best Wishes
A call to all Charity Stewards with a simple and exciting way to make some easy money for the Festival Appeal.

Issue tubes of Smartie to all of your brethren and ask them to return them to you (minus the smarties) full of 20p pieces. A full tube of 20p coins amounts to over £12. Would you miss the odd 20p? Collect the refilled tubes. Count the returns and pass a cheque for the amount to your Festival contact.
It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
1. Buy your supplies ...... Get a 24 pack from Amazon for £8.99 Search Smarties or Click here or get a 48 pack from W.Bro Paul Searby £19.50 Bro Paul Searby, Hull is in the trade. Email:
2. Issue the tubes to your brethren asking them to fill them with 20p coins. The odd pound coin could help too.
3. Collect the filled tubes and pass a cheque to the Festival.

The Samaritan Way in Support of Festival 2018 and the MSF

A huge success seeing £816.87 raised and the award of a badge each from the Samaritans, as John Murphy, Jon Smith, supported by Carolyn Murphy and Paul Ceegla complete the 38 mile gruelling Samaritan Walk which included ascents of some 5,400ft.

Read on...

Since completing the trek from York to Grand Lodge in 2013, I have been searching for another suitable challenge which might attract interest and raise contributions towards the Festival. This proved to be a challenge in itself. Looking for something new proved more than a little difficult until out walking with my wife on the local Wainstones when I spotted a memorial stone recording The Samaritan Way.

After searching on the internet, this ticked all the boxes. Significant by name, a circular route, starting at Guisborough, traversing moorland and little used tracks with a number of strenuous climbs totally 4,500 feet and a total distance of 40 mile or 64 km for our metric Brethren, to be completed in 24 hours.
The route travels from Guisborough over to Commondale, on to Castleton and Danby, where the pigs live in style and then up Danby Dale to Dale Head where a steep escarpment leads to a scramble before emerging to reach The Lion pub at Blakey Ridge. Unfortunately it will be closed by this time as it will now be 1am. From here we continue around the old iron stone railway track before dropping down into Westerdale and on to Baysdale Abbey (where there isn’t one) and on to Kildale, Captain Cook’s Monument and Roseberry Topping before striking back to Guisborough.

Decision made to go ahead and planning in full swing, the date decided was for the bank Holiday weekend in August 2015 - full moon to assist with night time navigation and 2 days after my 60th birthday and full retirement. How better to mark those events.

Good friend Paul Cegla of North Yorks Lodge No. 602 has been supporting from the beginning and offered to provide support around the route. In spring 2015, John Murphy of Falcon Lodge No. 1416 contacted me to join in the walk and was welcomed with open arms. Further support has come in the person of Carolyn, John’s wife, who has also come on board to walk the full route with us.

Having now walked the route in sections and in daylight, to assist in preparation for navigation at night, it has become clear that this route is a gruelling challenge and completion of it will be an achievement for us all.

To sponsor us, please visit Just Giving and search on Adrian’s The Samaritan Way or contact directly at for more details. Click here to read Carolyn Murphy's Summary.

Thornborough receive their Patron certificate

Thornborough Lodge meeting on Wed 14th Sept 2016 was special for Bro Percival as he became brother to his son and present him with the working tools. This their first meeting at Leyburn Town Hall, after the summer recess also saw the 90 strong lodge receive Festival Patronage.

Contributions to the MSF having been made from many sources, including Bro Mark Blair’s 46 mile run which raising £2000 with gift aid, were increased further as another cheque for £500 was presented on behalf of the lodge to the Festival.

Pictured are W Bro Peter Blackburn WM, W Bro Stuart Dick rep of PGM and W Bro Mark Hall his DC.

Leopold "tries" hard for festival 2018


Leopold Lodge No 1760 recently held an event at Scarborough Rugby Club, to encourage younger,newer and prospective Masons to attend.

The event was a tremendous success and the highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of a cheque towards the MSF Festival 2018 by Junior warden Conrad Fox to the RWPGM. The presentation was followed by an excel game of rugby.

St. Hilda happy to receive their Vice Patron certificate

The Brethren of the Lodge of St. Hilda No.6666 in Middlesbrough were congratulated on gaining Masonic Festival Vice-Patron status when W. Bro Stan Thompson PGStB officially presented a certificate on behalf of the RW Provincial Grand Master and the Festival Committee at their lodge on Tuesday 10th May 2016.

W. Bro Thompson thanked all the Brethren for their hard work and amazing generosity over the last three years in raising the funds to achieve this extremely commendable status.

In photo (L to R): WBros: John Finch, Ian Bailey WM, John Davey Charity Steward, Colin Hunton IPM and Stan Thompson.

Middlesborough Lodges Excel for the Festival

The Chairman of Festival 2018 was in attendance at the April meeting of Ferrum lodge and was delighted to be presented with not one, but two cheques for the Festival campaign.

Ferrum lodge donated a further £5000 to the Masonic Samaritan Fund, taking their total donations to over £20,000, and were elated to learn that they would now receive the honorific title of Patrons of Festival 2018.

A second cheque for £1600 was then presented to the Chairman from the proceeds of the Middlesbrough Lodge's Spring Ball, which was held recently at Gisbrorough Hall. Yes, brethren, that is the correct spelling.

A combined effort of the local lodges created a very successful social event. The photograph shows the Chairman, Denis Stubley,(centre) with The Worshipful Master of Ferrum, Jed McCormick, the Ferrum Lodge charity steward, Edmund Levie and representatives from the Spring Ball organising group. Brian Henderson-Thynne of Dundas Lodge, Brian Lewis of Ferrum Lodge, Ray Walton of Vulcan Lodge, Steve Hall from Acklam Lodge and Bob Harvey from the North York Lodge.

The Chairman congratulated everyone concerned, thanking them for the support they have given to Festival. Denis also spoke to encourage other lodges to consider organising similar fund raising events. Such events prove to be, not only very entertaining but they involve our ladies and offer such an excellent opportunity to provide further funding for the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Guest organist, Paul gives up his meals for the Festival

Our guest organists are by tradition offered free Festive Board in compensation for their excellent services. However, such is the demand for WBro Pauls Cegla’s services, his success was beginning to take it’s toll on his waistline.

Things had to change! Paul’s lightbulb moment for the Festival, came when he asked for the cost of his meal instead, be donated to the MSF. The maths is staggering, Paul has been Fasting for the Festival since 2013. Out as many as 3 times a week. That's around 100 meals at an average cost of £10. He has in consequence raised an outstanding £1000 for Festival 2018 funds.

A renewed and slimmer Paul is pictured here during March 2016, presenting a cheque to the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, Jeffrey Gillyon.

WBro Paul is resolved to continue fasting with of course the support of his lodge North York Lodge 602 and other lodges and chapters in the area. Saying, counting meals is much simpler than counting calories.

CANALATHON Ultra Marathon

Move aside Eddie Izzard, Mark is coming through.

Bro Mark Blair, one of our little celebrated Masonic diamonds, can be classed in the same league as celebrity Eddie Izzard, after completing a near double marathon on 27th March 2016.

Mark, of Thornborough Lodge completed the 46 mile run in 10 hours 15 minutes. The Canalathon, part of the Cannonball series of events, took him along Yorkshires Great Canals and waterways in an epic journey which also had him brave all our great north 'spring' weather could throw at him.

Starting from a cold damp lineout, with others, stretching and warming for the event ahead, Mark was soon battling thunder, rain and heavy head winds along mostly well kept, but some winding and overgrown pathways. With the half way point looming the sky turned black and the lightning started in the hills surrounding the event. There was nothing for it but to battle on, head down.

As the weather eventually cleared, his thoughts drifted to the finishing line where dedicated wife Diane lent some encouragement and support by riding alongside. Finishing as they started in clear blue skys where a reception committee, including brethren John Twist and Peter Blackburn, welcomed the hero home.

Emotions ran high when informed that he had raised a staggering £1,667.01 for the MSF, which has risen since! With gift aid his efforts will clear £2000 for Masonic Festival funds. Congratulations Mark, a clear inspiration to us all.

Ferrum achieve Vice-Patron status

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Sam Judah was in attendance at the recent meeting of Ferrum along with his team of active officers of the year.

The APGM took the opportunity to present the lodge with their recently achieved Vice-Patron award for it's contributions towards Festival 2018. A bumper attendance ensured the evening was a great success. Sam suggested he would be happy to return if the lodge could manage to achieve a yet higher honorific!

The photograph shows Sam with Andrew Morley, Ferrum Chapter Charity Steward, the Master, Vic Pattison and Denis Stubley, the chairman of Festival 2018, who is a member of Ferrum. Edmund Levie, the lodge charity steward, who was instrumental in guiding the lodge to achieve the honorific, was unable to attend due to holiday commitments.

Dundas receive their VP Certificate

At the Installation meeting of Dundas Lodge on 16th September 2015 a Vice-Patron's certificate was presented by the Representative of the RW PGM.

The photo shows left to right, W. Bros: Stan Thompson PGStB, Charity Steward, Andrew Calvert PGStB, Rep of RWPGM, Alan Dale newly installed WM andDavid Alderton Immediate Past and Installing Master.

The SECOND Provincial Festival Lottery Draw - WINNERS ACCOUNCED

Following the success of the first Provincial Lottery a second draw was inevitable. The winners can now be announced.

On 15th December 2015, drawn by 2nd Provincial Grand Principal Stuart Barker Dick and witnessed by John Davey, Events Officer of the Provincial Management Team and Colin Hunton a Festival Liason Officer, it was announced that Chris Stokoe of Mitre Lodge 7321 was the winner of the £2000 first prize.

The Provincial Lottery in aid of Festival 2018, runs under the banner of the Provincial Grand Charity as it is our registered charity. 80% of the proceeds are directed towards the Festival 2108 appeal and 20% to Provincial Grand Charity. This lottery raised a grand total of £19,992 allocated as £16,206 to 2018 Festival and £3,786 to PGC.

The 2nd Provincial Grand Principal expressed his delight and gratitude on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, the Chairman and the rest of the Festival Team on such a successful event and thanked everyone who had supported both this and the first lottery.

The more you buy the better chance you have of winning.

Deputy PGM visists MINSTER Lodge to award their Patron Honorific

At their June 2015 Regular Lodge meeting the members of the lodge were delighted to have the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro. William Henry Fisher, join them to celebrate attaining the honorific award of ‘PATRON’ to the Festival 2018 Fund.


The VW Bro. congratulated the lodge members for their very generous support in raising money for the Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival. The money donated will be of great benefit to Freemasons and their dependants across our constitution and also provide funding to many organisations to enable them to carry out research into many different diseases, with a view to finding a cure; this will ultimately benefit our fraternity and society in general.

The Worshipful master of the Lodge, W Bro Tony Clements, was delighted to present the Deputy Provincial Grand Master with a cheque for £500.00 which is in support of the Festival Fund.

A visit has been arranged for the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Jeffrey Gillyon, to attend Minster Lodge on 26th November 2015 by which time the lodge will have attained the Honorific Award of GRAND PATRON of the fund and will hopefully be presented with the appropriate certificate by the Provincial Grand Master.

If you would like to attend the meeting please contact the lodge secretary, it will be a great evening.

Celebrating The 1000th Festival Jewel

The 1000th Festival Jewel has now been awarded. That means 1000 freemasons of this province have qualified since the launch in May 2013, of Festival 2018. Thank you, to all who have donated so far.

Freemasons of the Province wear their Jewels with pride at their Lodges and Chapters throughout the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire. Each Jewel signifies that the wearer will have personally donated at least £300 to the Festival before May 2019.

The donation does not have to be a cash lump sum, even though these are accepted. You can spread the £300 by small monthly standing order from now until one year after the Festival ends. For example, in November 2014, with forty two months to go until that date, that amounts to only £7.15 per month. Though this, of course, is only a suggested minimum.

When you have learnt more of the excellent work of the Masonic Samaritan Fund and of the commitment of the Fund to support you, your own brethren, and their dependants, we would hope to awaken the charitable feelings, which are characteristic of our brethren to remind us of the promises we made at our own initiation into Freemasonry.

               Use this link to either make a one off payment, OR start monthly donations, OR indeed, to increase your monthly donations.

You still need convincing? Then please read these personal stories, from recent recipients of the Masonic Samaritan Fund. It is highly possible that a brother you already know has been a recipient as MSF support is often kept anonymous. Please visit MSF Site and once again, a huge thank you.


At the annual convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter in York on the 20th September 2015, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent launched the Provincial Lottery in aid of Festival 2018. The lottery runs under the banner of the Provincial Grand Charity as it is our registered charity. 80% of the proceeds are directed towards the Festival 2108 appeal and 20% to Provincial Grand Charity.

The first lottery draw took place at the Provincial Dinner on the Saturday 7th March 2015 and provided substantial cash prizes. The top prize of £2000, the second prize of £1000, third prize of £500, and 5 of £100 each. Other prizes were also awarded.

Congratulations Mark Blair, newly raised Master Mason of Thornborough Lodge 6434

Mark is pictured with APGM Malcolm Dabbs and the Lottery Co-ordinator John Davey.

In the coming months a second Lottery will be announced! The tickets will be available from all Charity Stewards and their helpers. Sales being credited to the lodge’s Festival appeal total and may be purchased by lodge membes, friends and family both within and without Freemasonry.

Lodge funds can be boosted by entering and winning as a lodge! Even individual lodges and Masonic Halls themselves can buy tickets. Any cash prize won could boost their funds.


Visiting every Lodge Building in the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings. Brothers Gareth Frost and Dominic Thomson.

Day 1 - Monday 11th May 2015
Redcar, Whitby, Scarborough, Bridlington and Driffield.
A cold and windy morning did not deter our two intrepid cyclists from their task of cycling to all the Masonic Halls and meeting places in the Province in just four days. The task is to complete 365 miles and hopefully receive a warm welcome at each Masonic venue, culminating in Guisborough at 5pm on Thursday 14th May 2015, four days after the start of their challenge from Redcar Masonic Hall.

Day1     Day1 Day1 Day1 Day1 Day1

Gareth Frost, WM of Zetland Lodge and Dominic Thomson the Junior Warden were encouraged on their way by the Festival Chairman, Denis Stubley and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Malcolm Dabbs, together with an entourage of local masons who had come to offer their support and encouragement. Dominic's father, David provided the support for the event. Denis presented them with a can of stimulant drink and a Mars bar each to keep the peddles turning.

Days 2 - Tuesday 12th Hornsea, Hull and Escrick, and many a place in between. This was a lot harder than expected due to the strong head winds, but we arrived at our destinations, if little later than expected.

Days 3 - Wednesday 13th on to York, Pickering, Helmsley and Thirsk. A little less windy but very hilly. The waiting brethren, tea and cakes made it the effort worth it. We ended the day in Thirsk were the brethren had put on food and opened the bar.

Days 4 - Thursday 14th Northallerton, Richmond, Stokesley Middlesbrough ending Guisborough. We were joined by Wbro Brian Carlisle and Bro Peter Blackburn who rode with us for the 10 miles from Bedale to Leyburn. On the final leg to Stokesley and Middlesbrough the wind tried to push us back, but we arrived in Guisborough at about 5.30pm where a large crowd were waiting for us.

Day2   Day3   Day4
"It was great to see the many amazing Masonic buildings in our province and meet some lovely, generous and interesting people who where very passionate about their own Lodge and its history.

Dominic Thomson and I (Gareth Frost) send a huge thank you to all who supported and took the time to greet us at their lodges. We hoped to have raised at least £2,500 and would love to visit you all again, but next time deferentially not on our bikes!!!"

See many more photographs and follow the many supporting comments on the MSF Facebook page.

De Brus Mason risks shark attack for Festival 2018                  Donate Now

Peter Welsh, a stalwart member of De Brus Lodge in Redcar announced that he was to swim from Alcatraz to Fishermans Warf in San Francisco in September 2014.

Peter an experienced long distance open water swimmer relishing the prospect of tackling this amazing feat. The swim posed significant problems as the currents over the course of the swim were quite difficult to combat. However, the main worry would be shark attack. He announced that he would make his attempt without the use of a shark cage. These Redcar masons are made of solid stuff!

"I will arrive in San Francisco on the 9th September 2014 ", says Peter , "and have a pilot boat booked for a 7am attempt on the 10th. My training program is on track and have a swim in Windermere planned at a temperature of 14c, not to far of the 16c in San Francisco Bay. The biggest hazards are sea-lions, jellyfish and fog! The sharks are only a problem on weekends." he explained

Peter agreed that the Festival 2018 team would be able to circulate sponsorship forms to raise as much as possible towards the Festival Appeal and support the MSF, our own charity that benefits our own members.

The photograph shows Peter Welsh with Denis Stubley, Festival 2018 Chairman Designate and the display board for the MSF Festival 2018 appeal. The display boards hold a supply of application forms for members to arrange regular donations to the appeal which could qualify them for a Festival Jewel and so to become a Festival Steward.


On September the 10th 2014. Peter Welsh of De Brus lodge in Redcar successfully completed the challenge of swimming from Alcatraz to Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco. Our grateful thanks go to Peter for attempting such a feat and raising money for the Festival 2018 appeal.

The one-and-a-half mile swim from the island to Fisherman’s Wharf was not without its dangers. Choppy water, cold water and the risk of sharks were the major issue for the swimmers. “The currents can take you out into the Pacific where there are sharks,” said Peter, a dad of three.

Peter, who has been swimming since he was a child, had been training for the challenge since last year. As well as training in a pool, he had also taken to Lake Windermere and Ellerton Lake in Richmond to prepare for the open water.

The Festival chairman, Denis Stubley, contacted Peter on the eve of the swim to pass on the good wishes of the Province. Peter replied by e-mail as follows; "Thank you for your good wishes . I'm pleased to confirm that I completed the crossing this morning, I swam the 2.45 kilometres in 50.08 mins the conditions were very favourable no wind and a calm sea I was accompanied for a short while by sea-lions but I was not aware that they were with me, hope that the fund raising is going well and the successful completion may give it a boost."

Our congratulations and thanks go to Peter for undertaking this unusually daring deed and helping the Masonic Samaritan Fund.
Peace Lodge annual Walk June 2014
Peace Lodge

Peace Lodge held their 17th annual walk from Hutton-le-Hole on Sunday 22 June 2014 in aid of the 2018 Festival.

Starting at 9 a.m the 7-10 mile walkers, lead off by Assistant PGM, Malcolm Dabbs, took in Chimney Bank, above Rosedale, too steep for the Tour de France! Following the paths to Ana Cross and onto Lastingham before returning following a glorious picnic and taste of the local ales, to Hutton village.

A superb well organised event with many brethren, family, friends and dogs taking part.

Read the report from John Hemy by clicking here.
Humber Bridge Walk, a joint venture and a HUGE success
Humber Bridge Walk

On Sunday 6 April 2014 Masons, their wives, partners, offspring and pets took part in a 10 mile sponsored walk from the Masonic Rooms in Barton to the Masonic Rooms in Dagger Lane, Hull. The day started with slight rain but as the morning developed it became drier and the temperature was ideal for the walkers.

With £2,594.09 raised for Festival 2018 funds from 68 donations, this brainchild event from W Bro Malcolm Coates and subsequent buffet was a not only a fund raising success but a superb way of bringing together the Masonic counties, to make and to strengthen friendships.

Click here for photographs of the event and the full story
Ayton Lodge walk to Grand Lodge - June 2013

Adrian Jessop of Ayton Lodge committed to walking from York Minster, commencing after the launch of the Festival at Provincial Grand Lodge in May 2013, to Grand Lodge in London. Arriving at the steps of Grand Lodge for the Quarterly Communications of Grand Lodge meeting on the 12th June 2013. This coincided with the Provincial visit and luncheon, with a large number of freemasons from Yorkshire North and East Ridings there to welcome him and offer thier congratulations.
Stacks Image 602

Stacks Image 614
Done it. 245 miles...
Last push through north London this morning with the luxury of pavements made the going straight forward, just needed to keep a close eye on the map to avoid error.

Arrived at Great Queen Street and Grand Lodge to a fantastic reception from the MSF Staff at 12.30pm, 14 days 2 hours 15 minutes since the start. Big thank you to them all. Also, my thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me throughout the venture which has made a genuine difference.

I have many lasting memories and met many new friends. As for the weather, I couldn't have wished for better.
Stacks Image 616

Having said that, would you believe it, not having rained since Day 1, it actually tried again for a while before brightening up.

With todays mileage of 14, the final tally comes in at 245 miles. Thanks again to all that have followed my progress.

Regards, Adrian